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Multiple WordPress Installation Using a Single Database

    Aug 10, 2009 · Sometimes there are more than one WordPress installation is necessary, but your host might have limited MySQL Database allowance. Well the solution to that problem is having multiple WordPress installation in one database. You must install …

Using one database for 2 sites WordPress.org

    This is the way to share the users between two WordPress sites. You were on the right track but each site needs its own database tables (in the same database) but needs to share one sites user tables …

Run Multiple WordPress Sites With One User Database

    Jul 29, 2016 · You install the WordPress manually for your first website. You may notice the table prefix is by default “ wp_ ‘. You would be glad to know that it can be changed. If you want to run another website with the same database then you should change the table prefix while installing the WordPress.

Two wordpress database with same users - Stack Overflow

    I want to have the same WordPress users in two different databases For example, if a user registers on SiteA, then he can login to SiteB. And reverse. Also i want create same cookie for both after

2 Wordpress sites with 2 databases but sharing the same ...

    Each installation have their own wordpress database: databaseA for siteA and databaseB for siteB. What I want is users on siteA can connect on siteB. I can't use CUSTOM_USER_TABLE beacause is 2 separate databases. However the database are hosted on the same server.

Can 2 different Wordpress installations share the same ...

    Another reason / use case of using the same database could be using the same database but tables with different prefixes for different wordpress installations. This is done if you are limited by the number of databases your host provides. I won't recommend it for security reasons though. In this way, if one database is hacked, all are hacked.

Multiple WordPress Websites into a Single MySQL Database

    The key to installing multiple iterations of WordPress into the same MySQL database is to simply change the database prefix that determines where WordPress will create and populate its information for processing by the software itself when a user accesses the website.

Installing Multiple WordPress Instances WordPress.org

    Multiple Databases, Same Users If you need multiple WordPress instances, there are three types of installations based on system architecture, or a combination of WordPress instances and databases: The WordPress multisite feature, which is a single WordPress instance with a single database Multiple WordPress instances with a single database

Share users database on different WordPress installs ...

    Nov 01, 2012 · First of all make sure you are using the same WordPress version on the two websites and make sure your two websites are using the same database. To be able to have the two websites using the same database, you have to use different table prefix for each install. To change the default WordPress table prefix, you have two choice.

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