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Using one database for 2 sites WordPress.org

    This is the way to share the users between two WordPress sites. You were on the right track but each site needs its own database tables (in the same database) but needs to share one sites user tables …

Run Multiple WordPress Sites With One User Database

    Jul 29, 2016 · How To Use One database For two WordPress Sites? Step 1:- If you installed the WordPress using the default table prefix “ wp_ ‘ for your first website. Now is the turn to install another WordPress. You can do that by just uploading the WordPress zip file in the WordPress directory.

database - Two WordPress sites sharing the same content ...

    Both installs will use the same database info only the URLs being different. However you will have to take care of other possibly different aspects like plugins, users, theme, and so on. The same way you can define any other different setting case by case.

Multiple WordPress Installation Using a Single Database

    Jun 21, 2012 · Sometimes there are more than one WordPress installation is necessary, but your host might have limited MySQL Database allowance. Well the solution to that problem is having multiple WordPress installation in one database. You must install WordPress manually in order for this to work.

A better way to synchronize two wordpress websites by ...

    Oct 02, 2018 · A WordPress website is made of two things: a mySQL database and the files (themes, plugins, and medias). A perfect way of syncing two wordpress websites would be to compare the two websites databases and files and merge the differences. What if the user does not want to merge all the changes he made in the staging environment but only some of them?

How to use the same database for two WordPress sites for ...

    They will, at that point, be essentially the same exact site and there’s no way (at least no reasonable way) to change the site url in one site and have it NOT propagate to the other site, since they are both pulling from the same database. This w...

Can 2 different Wordpress installations share the same ...

    Two WordPress sites can share a single database but not the same set of database tables as the stored data includes the site's domain name. 1.2K views View 1 Upvoter · Answer requested by

Two identical websites: Two databases or one? : Wordpress

    It appears as though the first link talks about two separate database servers. I'm referring to the same MySQL server but having two / same websites use either the same database or two separate ones. I'll likely setup three VMs (two test "production" VMs and a DB VM) and test and see if …

How To Set Up Multiple WordPress Sites Using Multisite ...

    Nov 08, 2012 · Since the change, WordPress has made it easier to create multiple WordPress sites on one server. Whereas earlier, each WordPress blog on a server needed to have its own installation, now a new WordPress site can be installed once, and other blogs …

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